Advanced Myofascial Massage

Steve Burton, ALMT, JFB-MFRP


I began my career in 1993 after attending Institute for Natural Therapeutics and completing a 200 hour program in Massage Therapy. I then started Neuro-Muscular Massage with a partner. The business grew quickly and we began to hire other therapists to meet the business demand. Seeing a need for more education, I attended Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College in 1996 and completed a 735 hour program. Late in 1996, I started Advanced Massage & Bodywork Specialties. Again, the business grew rapidly and other therapists were hired to meet the demand. Between January and March of 2000 I completed training in Trigger-point Therapy with the St. John’s Neuro Muscular Institute. This training was specific to Cervical Injuries, Postural Assessment and Pelvic Stabilization as well as Pain Mechanisms of the Low Back. Between the Fall of 2000 and 2003 I completed training with John Barnes PT in Myofascial Release. The results I began to see with Myofascial Release in eliminating a variety of pain mechanisms was very exciting. Today, I consider it a priviledge and find great joy in doing the work I do and helping people live a life that is not only pain free but also filled with more possibilities due to a higher level of freedom in movement.  
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    Steve also believes in and practices a healthy lifestyle that includes meditation, Tai Chi and a healthy diet. He enjoys hiking the many beautiful places in AZ. He also enjoys cooking healthy foods and sharing that with friends. One of the things he tries to live by is the analogy of a Hurricane. If we stay in the eye we can avoid the winds. If we enter the space of the winds, many perils await us. Life is like that. We have to avoid being drawn into the winds so we can enjoy the peace and calm of the eye.

    Advanced Education:

    • St Johns Neuromuscular Institute
      • Cervical Injuries, Postural Analysis, Pelvic Stablization
      • Pain Mechanisms of the Low Back
    • John Barnes PT, System of Myofascial Release
      • MFR I
      • MFR II
      • MFR III
      • Myofascial Rebounding
      • Clinical Internship
      • Fascial Pelvis
      • Subtle Energy
      • Myofascial Unwinding
      • Cervical Thoracic
    • Biolink Institute
      • Triggerpoint Therapy


      Types of Dysfunction Myofasical Release I can help with are:

      • Headaches including Migraine
      • Shoulder Problems including Frozen
      • Auto and Sports Injuries
      • Neck & Back Pain
      • Carpel Tunnel
      • Bladder Problems
      • Painful Menstrual Cycles
      • Breathing Problems
      • Restless Legs
      • Sciatic Nerve Pain
      • Mobility Problems
      • Fibromyalgia
      • Much More……….